Frequently Asked Question

Questions About Marketing

Samples of marketing materials are located in your agent portal. To access them, logon to your portal and navigate to Sales tools > My Sales Tools > Marketing. On the marketing page, scroll down to find samples of flyers, brochures and the business cards we offer. Instructions on how to submit your order can be found on the same page.

Questions About Contracting/Certification

Congratulations! You’re on your way. Your next step should be to contact your Agent Support to construct a marketing plan that best suits your budget and goals.

Certification steps for all Advantage Plus carrier partners are located on your agent portal. To navigate to the instructions click on Sales Tools > My Sales Tools > Certification > 2022 Certifications. Click on any carrier name and a PDF will appear on the screen with step-by-step instructions on how to get certified with each carrier.

To see which carriers you are currently contracted & certified with, logon to the agent portal and navigate to My account > Contracts & Certs

To find your agent ID number for any carrier, logon to the agent portal and navigate to “My account” then select “Contracts & Certs”. Once there, find the desired carrier and click on the link to access your ID #.

Questions About My Members

To export your book of business, logon to the agent portal and navigate to “Reports”, click on “Book of Business”, select the parameters as you see fit and click “Export”

To access commission reports, logon to the agent portal and navigate to “Reports” on there, click on “Commission statements”, select the parameters you desire, and click “Export”.

To view statuses on all of your enrolled members, logon to the agent portal and select “Enrollments”. At this stage you can select “show all” or type in a specific name in the search bar. You also have the capability of customizing the information that is displayed by clicking on “Customize columns”.

General Questions

Our portal is designed to log you out after a period of inactivity to better protect the sensitive information housed in your portal.

Event Questions

You will need to complete the following pre-requisites in order to qualify for events:

  • Attend an Events Training
  • Complete the Events Training Quiz
  • Complete the Events Compliance Quiz
  • Complete the Event Preference Form

Since this is a lead program there are some pre-qualifications to participate. The first step is attending Events Training, either live or via webinar. Once that is complete, you will be able to complete the last few pre-qualifications that are explained in the training.

To qualify for reimbursement for events, you’ll need to complete the pre-qualifications to participate in events. After that, any events you are plugged into or that you set up on your own will be reimbursed. Please keep in mind; you will need to provide an itemized receipt that abides by the CMS guidelines for acceptable purchases (i.e. no gift cards and $15 cap per attendee).

There is lead charge for leads collected at your Advantage Plus events! We may set up the event for you, but you are the one doing the legwork. That lead is yours since you put the time and effort into getting it!

Simply email and we will coordinate with you.

We have an Event Submission Form that can be found on your Agent Portal. All you need to do is complete the form in its entirety and send to the events team. You can send the form via email to or via fax 818-538-7555

Yes! In order for us to properly track the success of events we need the Event Recap Form with your feedback of the event itself. In addition to the Event Recap we need the Lead Fax Sheet and Receipt Fax Sheet when applicable. Remember, the receipt needs to be itemized in order to get the 100% reimbursement.

If it is in normal business hours (M-F 8:30am – 5:00pm PST), please contact If it is after hours, please leave a voicemail on your agent support extension #3 and we will get back to you immediately.

Even though CMS guidelines say that the event must reported 7 days prior, each carrier partner has their own internal policies and procedures for filing events. In order to guarantee acceptance of events (if you are in “good standing” with the carrier you choose to report to) we ask that you submit it by the 15th of the month prior. So if you have an April event, the events team needs that information by March 15th.

Any event which sales activity is intended needs to be reported. Sales activity is any activity that can result in a sale. This includes but is not limited to collecting lead cards, having marketing material out such as tri-folds or service flyers, scheduling appointments, passing out your business card, etc. If you need more information or are unsure if your event needs to be reported please contact