Commissions Information

For all commission inquiries please email
Please allow 2-3 business day for a response while your case is researched.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advantage Plus Pays Out Commissions Once A Month. If The Paid Date Falls On A Weekend Or Holiday, Commissions Will Be Issued On The Prior Business Day.

Commissions Are Usually Paid Out 30-45 Days After The Member’s Effective Date.

If Commissions Are Not Paid For Whatever Reason, Advantage Plus Will Follow-Up With The Carrier On Your Behalf. Status Updates Are Available In Your Agent Portal unless you are getting paid directly from the carriers. 

If you are getting paid directly from the carriers then you must first open a ticket with the carrier and then submit the ticket responds to Advantage Plus for additional assistance.

Follow Up Commission Tickets Are Always Responded To Along With Commission Reports Due To Be Released.

Yes. Direct Deposit Takes About 1-2 Weeks To Set Up.

New To Medicare Commissions (Also Known As ‘True-Up’) Is Additional Commission That Is Paid If The Member Has Never Been On A Prior MAPD Plan With Any Carrier.

New To Plan Commissions Is Commission That Is Paid Regardless Of The Member’s Prior Enrollment.

Renewal Commissions Are Monthly Payments That Are Paid Out If The Member Continues To Be Enrolled In The Plan After The Effective Calendar Year.

The Rapid Disenrollment Period Is Usually 90 Days; However It Can Vary Depending On Carrier. No Commissions Are Due If The Member Cancels Their Plan During The Rapid Disenrollment Period.

Make Sure To Get A Updated List From Advantage Plus Commission Department.